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WDO Tackles the Importance of Mentorship in the Latest Edition of The Talk!

Cairo, September 19th, 2023 – The Women Development Organization (WDO) held on Tuesday the fourth edition of its monthly online series, The Talk!

The series aims to tackle topics surrounding women that are not frequently talked about but need to be addressed. This episode was on an exciting topic that influences women in different periods of their careers in addition to their personal lives, mentorship.

WDO was joined by the accomplished guest speaker Ms. Sana Bardawil, an Ambassador for the UWC Maastricht’s Female Empowerment Programme and an experienced international corporate reputation and communications professional.

The speakers began by introducing mentorship, its definition, what it truly means, and the role of the mentor. Ms. Bardawil was keen to highlight that mentorship is a two-way street and both the mentor and the mentee benefit from the relationship.

They then began talking about the importance of mentorship for personal and career growth, and Ms. Bardawil began providing examples of when mentorship was specifically helpful for her. She then started sharing her experience and advice for people who are struggling to find a mentor, stating that people are usually very welcoming and happy to support and that people shouldn’t be shy to ask for help and guidance. She also mentioned that one shouldn’t feel restricted to having only one mentor and that it is most of the time better that the mentor isn’t in one’s line of reporting.

The speakers then began breaking down statistics that prove the importance of mentorship, and that it can accelerate career progression in many different ways. The conversation shifted to discussing the impact of mentorship on the personal life, and how important it is to establish boundaries and red lines when it comes to such a relationship.

The speakers also discussed the gender aspect of mentorship, and why women are less likely to receive proper mentorship.

Attendees then got the chance to join in the conversation, by sharing their thoughts and asking their questions. WDO Would like to thank Ms. Bardawil for sharing her experience and knowledge, and for all the attendees who took the time to join and participate in The Talk!

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