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To Celebrate International Women’s Day, WDO Held a Webinar on Enabling Women Entrepreneurs with Tech

Cairo, March 7th, 2024 – The Women Development Organization (WDO) held a webinar on Thursday, March 7th, 2024 titled “Enabling Women Entrepreneurs with Tech” in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The webinar aimed to highlight the transformative power of technology in fostering women's entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. It brought together experts from international organizations, academic entities, and the tech industry to explore innovative strategies, share best practices, and inspire action to bridge the gender digital divide and unlock the full potential of women entrepreneurs in the OIC member states.

The main goals of the webinar were to enhance skills and knowledge, overcome barriers and biases, empowerment and confidence building, sharing inspiring stories, and providing a platform for networking and support system.

The webinar featured a number of distinguished and motivating speakers within the industry. It commenced with Dr. Hanan AlGaai, Director of Strategic Partnerships at WDO, followed by Dr. Hashim Hussein, the head of UNIDO's Investment and Technology Promotion Office, Dr. WissamSteitie, CEO of Manchester Innovation & Technology Academy, Dr. Rania Abdelrazek, Head of Entrepreneurship Department, Head of Institutional Communication, Public Relations, and Media Department of ARADO, and Ms. Hanan Janahi, Founder and CEO of AutoBay.

The webinar had sessions on Leveraging Technology for Business Growth, Digital Skills and Tools for Women Entrepreneurs, Overcoming Barriers and Bias in Tech Entrepreneurship, and Networking and Support for Women Entrepreneurs.


Speakers and attendees actively engaged in conversations and discussions tackling very important topics, ranging from exploring innovative applications of AI to addressing bias and discrimination in tech. The event provided a platform for attendees to share their insights, experiences, and best practices, resulting in a wealth of valuable perspectives and actionable solutions.

The recommendations of the webinar include establishing a Knowledge-Sharing Platform that should provide access to educational materials, webinars, case studies, and networking opportunities to foster collaboration and learning. It also include advocating for increased access to funding and investment opportunities for women entrepreneurs, and working closely with governments and policymakers in OIC member states to advocate for policies and regulations that foster a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs.

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