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Dr. Afnan Alshuaiby, Executive Director of WDO Meets with Newly Appointed Palestinian Minister of Women

Cairo, Egypt – July 2, 2024 – WDO's Executive Director, Her Excellency Dr. Afnan Alshuaiby, met with the newly appointed Palestinian Minister of Women Affairs, Her Excellency Mona Al-Khalili. Their discussion focused on calling for an immediate cease fire to enable working on empowering Palestinian women through increased participation in politics, improved access to education and healthcare, and combating gender-based violence. Both leaders pledged to work together for a brighter future for Palestinian women.

 Dr. Alshuaiby highlighted the WDO's longstanding commitment to supporting Palestinian women, particularly during times of war. She emphasized the critical role WDO is playing in raising awareness about the situation of Palestinian women and their families.

 Dr. Alshuaiby also took this opportunity to reiterate the WDO's strong call for an immediate ceasefire to protect innocent civilians and create space for ending the ongoing war on Gaza.

The discussion between Dr. Alshuaiby and Minister Al-Khalili focused on key issues such as promoting women's participation in political and economic spheres, enhancing access to education and healthcare for women, and combating gender-based violence. Both leaders reaffirmed their commitment to working together to create a more just and equitable future for Palestinian women.

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